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Postdoctoral Fellows - Freie Universität Berlin - POINT / COFUND / HONORS

Dr. Olly Akkerman

Postdoctoral Fellow HONOR (2015-2016)

From Sacred to Secret. Bohra Textual Practice and the Language of Secrecy

Dr. Sanaa Alimia

Postdoctoral Fellow POINT (2014-2016)

Street Politics, Moral Lives and Transnationalism: Afghan Refugees and Pakistani Citizens in Karachi and Peshawar

01 Alimia Sanaa_Author Pic

Dr. Husnul Amin

Postdoctoral Fellow COFUND (2013-2014)

From Islamism to Post-Islamism. A study of a new intellectual Discourse on Islam and Modernity in Pakistan.


Dr. Britta Frede

Postdoctoral Fellow ZMO/ FU Berlin (2013-2014, 2015-2017)

Out of Nouakchott: Female scholars as mediators of Islam in contemporary Mauritania

Britta Frede

Dr. Aleksandra Lewicki

Postdoctoral Fellow POINT (2016-2017)

Care Ethics and the Production of Racial and Moral ‘Others’ in Institutional Life


Dr. Hassan Ndzovu

Postdoctoral Fellow COFUND (2013-2014)

Religion and Politics: A Critical Study of the Politicization of Islam in Kenya.


Benedikt Pontzen

Postdoctoral Fellow HONOR (2015)

Bene P_skaliert

Rune Reyhé

Postdoctoral Fellow HONOR (2014-2015)

Rune Reyhe

Saskia Schäfer

Postdoctoral Fellow HONOR (2015)


Dr. Roman Seidel

Postdoctoral Fellow POINT (2015-2017)

Reading al-Ghazali from a modern perspective. Towards an integrated ‘intellectual history’ and ‘comparative philosophy’ approach in the study of contemporary philosophy in the Middle East


Dr. Soofia Siddique

Postdoctoral Fellow POINT (2016-2017)

A Study of Male Muslim Modernity and Publicity through Later Nineteenth Century Urdu Writing


Dr. Sarah Tobin

Postdoctoral Fellow POINT (2013)

Everyday Pieties: Negotiating Islam and the Economy in Amman, Jordan


Dr. Hanan Toukan

Postdoctoral Fellow POINT (2014-2016)

From Visualisation to Mobilisation: The Case of Palestine in a Transnational Context Explored

Toukan, Hanan

Dr. Annalaura Turiano

Associating to do good (‘amal al-khayri): Philanthropy activism and charitable practice in Egypt (1920-1970)