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Dr. Husnul Amin


Postdoctoral Fellow COFUND (2013-2014)

From Islamism to Post-Islamism. A study of a new intellectual Discourse on Islam and Modernity in Pakistan.

Amin, Husnul. 2014. "Mainstream Islamism without Fear: The Cases of JI and JUI-F in Pakistan", Romanian Journal of Political Science 14(2): 124-152.

------. 2014. "The Islamist Politics in the Era of Neoliberal Globalization: The Case of Jamaat-E-Islami Pakistan", Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 5(15): 507-518.

------. 2012. "Neoliberal Globalisation and Islamic Social Movements: Critical Reflections on Approaches and Models", Journal of Islamic Studies 51(4): 403-421.