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Dauda Abubakar

Dauda Abubakar

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Religion and Philosophy, Federal University of Jos, Nigeria


Dauda Abubakar is a senior lecturer with the Department of Religion and Philosophy, University of Jos, Nigeria. He holds a PhD from the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany after obtaining an MA and BA in Religious Studies from the University of Jos. He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Comparative Religion, African Traditional Religion, Islam, and Introduction to Social Anthropology of Religion.

He has published many articles in local and international journals and contributed chapters in books as well as review books. Abubakar’s new book is: “They love us because we give them.” Zakāt: the distribution of wealth and the making of social relations in Jos Nigeria,published by Brill in 2020. Another upcoming book is titled: Stateless Citizens in Nigeria: Entanglement of Ethnicity, Politics and Religion, manuscript to be soon submitted to the University Press Plc, Nigeria.Abubakar has participated in many local and international research collaborations with scholars from within and from abroad on numerous topics and has presented research findings at many local and international conferences, workshops, seminars and symposiums.

His current research is titled: Echo of the Iranian Revolution in Northern Nigeria and the Rise of Shi’ism. Presently, Abubakar is supervising undergraduate and postgraduate (MA and PhD) at the University of Jos. His areas of specialization includes Muslim-Christian relations and anthropology of Islam with interest in West Africa.

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