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Year 2022

The Aftermath of Hope: Defeat, Recovery and DreamsEmail:abougham90@zedat.fu-berlin.de
The Infrastructure of a minority: Salvation and Disconnectedness in the ShariaEmail:aleksei.akseshin@fu-berlin.de
The Commendatory Republic in 1930s Egypt: Al-Taṣawwuf al-Islāmī, Affective Ties, and the Network of Commendations in al-Ma’rifāEmail:mariam.elashmawy@fu-berlin.de
State-society relations in Iraq: Understanding spatial politics in a city of revolution(s)
Our Green Clean Maadi: Dialectical Imagination and Material (Re)formation of an Egyptian Elite TownEmail:doaak31@zedat.fu-berlin.de
From Ottoman Capital to Cairo: Sufi Intellectual Networks at the Turn of the Century (1882-1908)Email:talha.murat@fu-berlin.de
Southeast Asia and Beyond: Mapping Muslim Solidarities and Transregional Connections during the Long Sixties (1960s-1980s)Email:ariff.radzi@fu-berlin.de
Utopia arabica: Utopian Thought in the Arabic Literature of al-AndalusTelephone:https://www.geschkult.fu-berlin.de/en/e/semiarab/arabistik/Seminar/Mitarbeiterinnen-und-Mitarbeiter/Wissenschaftliche-Mitarbeiterinnen-und-Mitarbeiter/Schenzle/index.htmlEmail:R.Schenzle@fu-berlin.de