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Year 2021

Aslı Altınışık

Turkishness Through the Lens of Museifications


Nagat Emara

(Gerda Henkel Doctoral Fellow)

A study of epistemological transformations of Islamic knowledge production in the western diasporic context during the interwar period 1918–1939


Iftikhar Hussain

(DAAD Doctoral Fellow)

Divided Families and Belonging in Kargil


Khouloud Khalfallah

Classifying the Variety of the Arabic Versions of Kalīla wa-Dimna


Muhammad Ashraf Thachara Padikkal

Channelling Piety and Progress: Migration, Organised Religion, and the South Indian Migrant Islamic Groups in the Arabian Gulf

Muhammad Ashraf Thachara Padikkal

Muhammed Vural

(Avicenna Studienwerk Doctoral Fellow)

Theoretical Foundations of Islamic Biomedical Ethics – the Case of Brain Death and Organ Transplantation


Okcan Yıldırımtürk

Re-Imagining Famagusta during the late Ottoman and early British rule in Cyprus: A Ruined City between Communities and Empires


Mehmet Özgün Özkul

Islam and Mobilization in Turkey: The role of emotions in the formation of subjectivity