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Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zayed (Affiliated Postdoctoral Fellow)

Engaging with Paradigm(s) of Decoloniality/De-colonisability: Constructing a Dialogic Encounter between Frantz Fanon and Malek Bennabi

Al-Zayed, Mahmoud

Dr. Ken Chitwood (Fellow of the Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation)

Puerto Rican Muslims and the Idea(l) of “Muslim Cosmopolitanism”

Ken Chitwood

Dr. Amaan Merali (Fellow of the Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation)

Imperial Rivalry and Muslim Reform: The Ottomans and the Ismailis, 1850-1920


Dr. Erol Saglam (Affiliated Postdoctoral Fellow)

States in Flux: Reconfigurations of Statecraft, Governance, and Citizenship in Contemporary Turkey

Erol Saglam