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Year 2019

Dilshat Amrayev

Reaction of local Egyptian population to the rule of Turkish Mamluk Sultanate. A foreign military aristocracy or defenders of Islam?


Santram Antil

(Affiliated Doctoral Fellow)

Wrestling and Body Politics: Negotiations of Religious Identity among Wrestlers in North India

Santram Antil

Elif Conker

(Gerda Henkel Doctoral Fellow)

The Ottoman Responses to the Wahhabi Movement ( 1744/5-1818)


Zeynep Ertuğrul

(Gerda Henkel Doctoral Fellow)

Preaching the Republic: The Spokespeople of the Single-Party Regime in Turkey


Peyman Eshaghi

(Gerda Henkel Doctoral Fellow)

Piety, Power and Trans-imperial Relations: History and Politics of Iranian Hajj (1796 - 1925)


Binyamin Lawal

Expansion of the Sacred into the Public Space: Spatial Contestation between Muslims and Christians in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria


Tang Man

The Lifeworlds of Salar Muslims in Qinghai Considered in the Context of Chinas Belt and Road Infrastructural Project: An Existential-Anthropological Study


Udi Raz

Negotiating Semites: Muslims and Jews redefine Otherness