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Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Dilger

Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Dilger

Freie Universität Berlin

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Topics: Anthropology of Religion and Religious Diversity; Medical Anthropology; Gender/Masculinities; Transnationalism and Migration; Eastern and Southern Africa

Available for supervision of new PhD students

Field: Social Anthropology

Areas of research: Anthropology of Religion; Medical Anthropology; Gender / Masculinities; Transnationalism and Migration; Eastern and Southern Africa


First supervisor of completed PhD projects:

Konversionsprozesse in Ankole, Uganda. Inititation, Segregation und Aushandlung (Michael Saurer)

„They love us because we give them“. Zakat - The Distribution of Wealth and the Making of Social Relations in Jos, Nigeria (Dauda Abubakar)

Of_f  the Lines: Fakir Orientations of Gender, Body and Space in Sehwan Sharīf, Pakistan (Omar Kasmani)

Being and Becoming: Imagination, Memory, and Violence in Southern Philippines (Rosa Castillo)


First supervisor of current PhD projects:

The Informal Education Sector in Egypt: Between State, Market, and Civil Society (Sarah Hartmann)

Die Formierung eines frommen Subjektes in Wohngemeinschaften der Gülen-Bewegung (Kristina Mashimi)

Meanings of School in Post-Colonial Coastal Kenya (Liese Hoffmann)

"In Quest of Lost Remedy": Body, Health and Identity in an Islamic Medicine Inspired Healing Movement in Turkey (Müge Akpinar)

Living Textually: Towards an ethnography of two key texts in the Islamic everyday life among Mappilas in Contemporary Kerala, South India (Mohammed Swalih Eratta Parambil)

Expansion of the Sacred into the Public Space: Spatial Contestation between Muslims and Christians in Plateau State (Binyamin Lawal)

Alevis of the Munzur Valley: An Affective Geography of Faith, Violence and Struggle (Aslı Gücin)