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Year 2023

Feyza Daloğlu

(Associate Fellow)

A Port Town from Scratch: The Interwoven Urban Landscape of Late 19th Century Iskenderun


Salam Ebeid

(DAAD Doctoral Fellow)

Ecological Intimacies and Insecurities in Egypt's South: Navigating Water


Fatema Hubail

(DAAD Doctoral Fellow)

Silencing Gender Violence Online: A Study of the Arab World's Digital Margins


Barkat Hussain


Islam and Sufism. History of Public Sphere and Political Consciousness among Gujjar-Bakarwal Tribe of Jammu and Kashmir (1900-1991)


Hanna Janatka

(Gerda Henkel Foundation Doctoral Fellow)

From Cairo to Jeddah and Beyond - The Post-Ottoman Salafi-Booktrader Network and its Role in the Formation of Arabo-Islamic Nationhood


Samar Khan

(Associate Fellow)

Representation of the Muslim Identity in Contemporary Latin American Literature


Leonie Rau

(Max Planck Institute for the History of Knowledge's Research School 'Knowledge and Its Resources'; Associate Fellow of BGSMCS)

Tracing an Epistemic Genre: Premodern Arabic Recipe Collections as Resources of Knowledge


Simon Trunk

(Gerda Henkel Foundation Doctoral Fellow)

Negotiating Life in between Empires: Debates on the Position, Opportunities and Belonging of Bosnian and Cypriot Muslims under Austro-Hungarian and British Rule and the Role of the Ottoman Empire


Sara Zanotta

(Associate Fellow)

Long-distance Constitutionalists: The Transborder Connections of Iranians Outside the Qajar Empire and the Origins and Survival of the 1906-1907 Fundamental Laws