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Prof. Dr. Margrit Pernau

Prof. Dr. Margrit Pernau

Max Planck Institute for Human Development

Currently not available for supervision of new PhD students

Field: History, South Asian Studies

Areas of research: Indian history (18th-20th century); history of modern Islam; historical semantics, comparative studies and translation studies, history of emotions


First supervisor of completed PhD projects:

Minority Pasts: The Other Histories of  a  "Muslim Locality", Rampur 1889-1949 (Razak Khan)

Geschichte als Widerstand. Das Libyan Studies Centre und die antikoloniale Neuschreibung der libyschen Nationalgeschichte (1978-2010) (Jakob Krais)

Social Stratification at a Muslim Qasbah in Colonial North India: Genealogy and Narrating the Past at Amroha (Soheb Niazi)


First supervisor of current PhD projects:

Entanglements of Print Culture and Trajectories of Community Formation: Mappila Muslims of Kerala, 1867-1956 (Muhammed Niyas Ashraf)

Bengali Muslims and Linguistic Nationalism in the Early Twentieth Century (Deborshi Chakraborty)