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Iftikhar Hussain


(DAAD Doctoral Fellow)

Divided Families and Belonging in Kargil

I received an M.A. in Sociology from Jamia Millia Islamia University New Delhi, M. phil. from Delhi School of Economics, Department of Sociology, University of Delhi. In my M. Phil. I wrote a thesis titled "Neoliberalism and the Politics of fear". I also worked as a research assistant for the project "Archiving Living Residue of a Lost World" under Dr. Uzma Azhar. 

Divided Families and Belonging in Kargil

The research seeks to explore belonging as an affective zone of ambiguity in political, spiritual and familial aspects of everyday life of the divided families in Ladakh, Indian Administered Kashmir. It examines how ambiguity at a large scale folds into and draws out of the intricacies and intimacies of their everyday domestic life in networks of kinship within and beyond the family. Under the conditions of political tensions between India and Pakistan, disputed nature of the territory, history of partition/s and constant tensions at the border, the research discusses, that there is an interest among actors, to keep things open and uncertain, to cultivate ambiguity as a form of life.

First supervisor: Prof. Hansjörg Dilger

Second supervisor: Prof. Kai Kresse

Third supervisor: Dr. Radhika Gupta, Leiden University