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Lucía Cirianni Salazar (Year 2016)

Lucía Cirianni Salazar

Coping with Closure. Pasts and Fates of the Turkish Tekkes

Coping with Closure. Pasts and Fates of the Turkish Tekkes

My research is focused on the range of discourses and practices that revolve around the closure and reopening of the Turkish Sufi lodges (tekkeler). The involvement of Sufi leaders and organizations in the foundational shift to the relationship between state and religion implied by the closure of the tekkeler in 1925, varied enormously, and their place within modern Turkish society is constantly being imagined in contesting understandings of contemporary Turkish Islam. Yet these variations have been regarded as mere responses to governmental policies, which either entailed forms of opposition or submission. Even scholarship that offers examples of the complex set of relationships that developed between Sufi communities and the Turkish state tends to structure these interactions through the analytical binary of open accommodation vs. “reactionary” rebellion. Thus, accounts of different Sufi communities after 1925 often only amplify the spectrum between these two poles. My attempt is to track other, more complex, narratives, representations, and practices that are still taking place around the issue of the closure and reopening of Turkish tekkeler. Thus, my analysis focuses on the entanglements of Sufi leaders and communities with wider debates on the state and the modern, the religious and the secular, which have recently but also generally shaped the shifting political-cultural landscape of Turkey.

First Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Torsten Tschacher

Second Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wendy Shaw

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