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Organizing Team

Barbara Ogbone

Barbara Ogbone is a PhD candidate in Islamic Sciences.

Benedikt Pontzen

Benedikt Pontzen is an anthropologist and writer. He is interested in the anthropology of Islam and in the ethnography and historiography of West Africa.

Dauda Abubakar

Dauda Abubakar came to study in Berlin from his home country of Nigeria where he lectures at the federal University of Jos, Nigeria.

Hanna Nieber

Hanna Nieber studied African Studies at Leipzig University. She is interested in the way religious practices shape and are shaped by local sense-making mechanisms in Zanzibar.

Jasmin Mahazi

Jasmin Mahazi has called both Berlin and Lamu `home` since her childhood years. Besides teaching Swahili language and literature, she is a doctoral candidate in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Kristina Dohrn

Kristina Dohrn is a doctoral candidate in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Her research interests lie in the intersection of anthropology of religion (Islam in particular), transnationalism and anthropology of education.

Murtala Ibrahim

Murtala Ibrahim attended the University of Jos where he received a BA in Religious Studies in 2008 and completed the Master’s Programme in Sociology of Religion in 2011.