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Dunja Rašić


2016 - 2017

Visiting lecturer (kenkyūsei) at Yamanashi Gakuin University, Japan.

2014 - 2015

Lecturer of Modern Standard Arabic at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Dissertationsprojekt (2015−2018):

The Banisher of Madness: An Interpretation of Language as the Vessel of All Truth Sacred and Profane in the Teachings of Ibn al-Sarrāj of Baghdad

Rašić, Dunja. 2021. The Written World of God. The Cosmic Script and the Art of Ibn ʿArabī. Oxford: Anqa.

Rašić, Dunja. 2021. The Banisher of Madness. An Interpretation of Language as a Vessel of All Truths Sacred and Profane in the Teachings of Ibn al-Sarrāj of Baghdad. Piscataway: Gorgias Press. https://www.oxbowbooks.com/oxbow/architecture/islamic-world-culture/the-banisher-of-madness.html

Rašić, Dunja. 2019. ‘’Topographies of Afterlife: Intermediate World of Barzakh in the Works of Ibn Arabi’’, Third Program of Belgrade 161 (2).

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Rašić, Dunja. 2015. ‘’The Perfect Man in Literary Opus of St. John Climacus and Ibn ‘Arabī’’, Kom Journal of Religious Sciences 4 (1): 119-145.