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Gaza/Israel - On Our Own Behalf

"We stand in unwavering solidarity with all those who suffer from the ongoing violence in Israel-Palestine. We do not give credence to one-sided narratives and stand against punitive measures that limit plurality of voices. 

We stand in solidarity with our academic colleagues, family members, and friends in Israel, Palestine, in Germany and around the world affected by the current violent events, who struggle to find their voices and make them heard. 

"We emphasize the urgent need for a discussion that is both pluralistic and deeply rooted in local context and history. This discussion must recognize and honor the fundamental liberties guaranteed by German Basic Law, among others, the freedom to assemble, free speech, and the inherent dignity of every individual. 

As fellows at BGSMCS, we draw strength from our diverse and global background, which enriches the very essence of our graduate school. We are united in condemning the violence committed by Hamas on October 7 against Israeli civilians. Nor can there be justification for the killing of civilians in Gaza and the collective punishment of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli government as well as for human rights violations against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.

In the wake of October 7th and its subsequent events, we express our deep concern for the fears and uncertainty endured by both Israelis and Palestinians in the diaspora. 

Additionally, we strongly condemn the rising antisemitic and racist attacks in Berlin and Germany that have followed. 

We resolutely stand against any forms of violence, the killing of innocent lives, collective punishment, human rights violations, antisemitism, and racism!"

(35 fellows of the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies signed this letter anonymously)


"At the BGSMCS we mourn the escalation of violence in the Middle East, we observe with worry its repercussions in German society, and we empathize with everyone personally affected. We hope all peoples reach a peaceful resolution to the conflict, and we wish to emphasize that, now more than ever, our diversity is our strength. We do not give credence to one-sided narratives. And we remain steadfast and true in our recognition that, although we may come from different backgrounds, we are united in the shared bonds of our humanity.

The Graduate School is a scholarly institution committed to providing a forum for academic exchange, and we deeply believe in the importance of keeping this as a safe space for all members. We refrain from making political statements, even more so as our members differ in their political views, and as no statement evaluating political events could possibly represent this diversity of views, as internal discussions made clear." 

(Directors Professor Florian Zemmin/Professor Toral-Niehoff)

News from Feb 20, 2024

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