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Besnik Sinani

Leibniz-Institute Moderner Orient

Associated Researcher, "Post-Salafism: The Contestation of Contemporary Saudi Salafism"

Islamic Studies

Research Interests:

Modern Islam; Sufism; Salafism; Sectarianism


PhD Research (2016−2020):

The Ba Alawi Sufi Order in Saudi-Arabia: State, Orthodoxy, and Deviance in Contemporary Islam

Contributions to Edited Volumes:

‘In the Path of the Ancestors: The Ba ‘Alawi Sufi Order and the Struggle for Shaping the Future of Islam.’ in Global Sufism: Boundaries, Structures, and Politics, Mark Sedgwick and Francesco Piraino eds., (London: Hurst, 2019).

‘The Return of Islam in South East Europe: Debating Islam and Islamic Practices of Family Law in Albania and Kosovo.’ in Applying Sharia in the West. Maurits S. Berger ed., (Leiden: Leiden University Press, 2013).


‘Das Konigshaus mit neuer Mission’, Welt-Sichten, 21. 08. 2019. pp. 24-27. (The Royal Family with a New Mission). (in German) https://www.welt-sichten.org/artikel/36580/das-koenigshaus-mit-neuer-mission

‘Entertainment as a Marker of Religious Reform in Saudi Arabia’, CRSI Blog – University of Oxford, 13. 07. 2019. https://crsi.theology.ox.ac.uk/article/entertainment-as-a-marker-of-religious-reform-in-saudi-arabia

‘Stresstest für Salafisten’, Zenith, 06.06.2019. pp.74-77. (Pressure-test for Salafis). (in German). https://magazin.zenith.me/de/politik/saudi-arabien-und-das-wahhabiten-netzwerk-0

‘Albania’, in European Islamophobia Report 2016, Enes Bayrakli and Farid Hafez eds., (Istanbul: SETA, 2017).