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Aslı Altınışık


(Elsa Neumann Doctoral Fellow)

Turkishness Through the Lens of Museifications

Turkishness Through the Lens of Museifications

This research explores the ways in which museums in Turkey narrate national identity. Through an examination of five selected museums, all of which are situated in spaces that had another purpose prior to becoming a museum (or “museified”), this project probes how museifications imagine, enable, and convey a sense of being from Turkey (or “Turkishness”). It further discusses the implications of these transformations with regard to the contemporary museumscape and national identity debates. Using discourse analysis as the primary methodological tool, this research captures ambiguities of nationhood as narrated in museums.


First Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Birgit Krawietz

Mahmood, Saba. 2022. Dindarlığın Siyaseti. İslami Uyanış ve Feminist Özne. Translated by A. Altınışık. Istanbul: Islık.