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Study Programme

Our study programme includes:

  • Colloquia
  • Research seminars and workshops
  • Language training and soft skills courses
  • Regular meetings with your supervisors
  • Financial support for research and conference travel
  • A workspace at the Graduate School

Doctoral fellows are required to accumulate a total number of 180 credit points (CP) by attending mandatory and optional courses (30 CP) and completing their doctoral theses (150 CP). Mandatory courses include the induction week, a theory and methods seminar, and two research colloquia, pre- and post-field and archival workshops, as well as a number of transferable skills courses. Optional courses include language classes and workshops as well as lectures and research seminars offered by other academic institutions in Berlin or at other German and foreign universities. In addition, doctoral fellows are encouraged to publish articles, to teach or co-teach classes, to do an internship relevant to their future professional careers, or to present their research at international workshops and conferences, all within reasonable limits.