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Workshop: Post-Archive Conversations II

Jul 13, 2020 | 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Post-archive II: Conversation aims to provide a venue for doctoral students having concluded (most of their) archive work to transition into writing, through a guided conversation on research experiences and strategies for coping with the writing process. It is being offered in light of suggestions from previous cohorts on the necessity of a mechanism in which doctoral students are able to share and thresh out the various issues they faced while doing their research, in an atmosphere that is relaxed and supportive.

During the session, each participant will be given time to share their experiences and the dilemmas they encountered during their research. The discussion will then proceed by tackling the issues that were raised in the sharing. Everybody is encouraged to give their views, advise, and opinion regarding the experiences of their colleagues.

There will not be any formal lectures nor required readings. We aim to maximize the time for the sharing of experiences, dilemmas, and issues, and giving advice. And while the conversation style will be the main format, the questions below will guide the session. To help organise the discussion, please prepare your brief answers to the questions in a bullet point/list format (max. 2 pages including the table of contents).

Organiser and mentor: Dr. Nadja Danilenko (Universität Hamburg)

Participants: Doctoral fellows who conducted research in libraries and archives

Format: Guided conversation with a short paper as output

Requirements: Each participant will be required to submit her/his individual answers to questions 1-7 by June 30.

Credit Points: 0,5

Application: The deadline for application is June 24 (via e-mail to office@bgsmcs.fu-berlin.de)

Contact: For questions, please contact Dr. Danilenko at danilenko@bgsmcs.fu-berlin.de

Time & Location

Jul 13, 2020 | 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Workshop held online via Webex (access information will be shared with the participants shortly before the workshop)