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Research Area Plural Traditions

This Research Area explores notions of origins, genealogies, identity, and authenticity and thus privileges a “vertical perspective.” We use “traditions” as a broad category comprising a variety of elements: these include textual references, such as the Koran and the Prophetic Sunna, and the authoritative tradition of a given field, as well as specific social and cultural practices and institutions. “Traditions” can also denote various combinations of texts, practices, and institutions that provide, for example, the basis for “Islamic law”.

This area covers the following research focuses and potential dissertation topics:

  • the construction and reconstruction of history in identity discourses;
  • legal traditions (Islamic, customary, and national law);
  • the Koran and Prophetic Sunna, as well as their exegesis;
  • inter- and intra-religious dialogue, apologetics, and polemics;
  • concepts of martyrdom.

Selected projects: