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PD Dr. Dietrich Reetz

PD Dr. Dietrich Reetz

Freie Universität Berlin

Otto Suhr Institute for Political Science, external faculty member

Leibniz Centre for Modern Oriental Studies (ZMO), affiliate

Field: Political Science, Islam in South Asia

Areas of research: Global Muslim Networking, Islam in Asia (esp. India and Pakistan), Muslims in Europe; Political science: international relations, religious and ethnic conflict, concepts of public sphere, globalisation


First supervisor of completed PhD projects:

Governing the Islamic Republic. An Istitutional Study of the Council of Islamic Ideology in Pakistan (Sarah Holz)

Muslim Identity and Civic Engagement; Exploring Pakistan’s Urban Youth Attitudes (Sumrin Kalia)


First supervisor of current PhD projects:

Civic Engagement among Lower-Caste Muslims in Postcolonial North India: a study of the Pasmanda Muslim Mahaz (Salwa Yahya)

One party for various Muslims: AIMIM and its Muslim constituents in Hyderabad (Muhammedali Puthoor)

Second supervisor of current PhD projects:

Brotherhood of Believers: Meaning-making in a global makatib system (Yasmin Ismail)