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Philip Bockholt

Philip Bockholt

Universität Leipzig

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Oriental Institute, Universität Leipzig

Since the winter term 2018/19, Philip Bockholt is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Oriental Institute of Universität Leipzig, where he teaches BA and MA classes in Arabic and Islamic Studies. He earned his PhD in Islamic Studies at Freie Universität Berlin in 2018 with a thesis on Islamic world history writing around 1500. For his dissertation, he was awarded the research prize of Annemarie-Schimmel-Stiftung as well as an Honourable Mention at the European Award for Iranian Studies of the Societas Iranologica Europaea, and the Classical Islamic World Book Prize by Gorgias Press. As a Post-Doc, he was awarded the Pre-Doc Award 2020 of Universität Leipzig.

Philip Bockholt is member and secretary of the commission Afrika-Asien-Europa with the Saxonian Academy of Science in Leipzig. His post-doctoral research focuses on arabic-persian-turkish translation processes and knowledge transfer in the Eastern Mediterranean from the 14th to the 18th century.

Universität Leipzig (seit 2018):

Oriental Institute, Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD Research (2014 – 2018):

Writing World History Between Shia and Sunna: Khvāndamīr’s (d. 1535–36) Ḥabīb al-siyar and its Reception in the Manuscript Age