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Dr. Salma Siddique


Postdoctoral Fellow POINT (2016-2017)

An Evacuee Cinema: Film genre and aesthetics in post-Partition Lahore (1950-1960)

Salma Siddique trained as a film practitioner in New Delhi and completed her doctoral thesis Between Bombay and Lahore: A partition history of cinema in South Asia at University of Westminster, London in 2015.

An Evacuee Cinema: Film Genres and Aesthetics in Post-partition Lahore (1950-60)


My research foregrounds the pre-national history of film production in Lahore, interrogates its indelible links with Bombay, and places partition at the centre of South Asian film history.  Mobilising a bureaucratic category, which was made use of by both India and Pakistan, the evacuees’ escape from danger also encapsulates cultural production during the nationalising decade in the subcontinent. The project brings together new archival material and popular films to investigate film form and production strategies in Lahore in the wake of partition.


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  • Road Less Travelled (India, 2009, PSBT, Director)
  • Who Am I? (India, 2010, NAZ Foundation, Cameraperson & Editor)