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Year 2015

Zubair Ahmad

The History of the Present: A Postcolonial Genealogy of Germany's Politics of Islam


Muhammed Niyas Ashraf

Entanglements of Print Culture and Trajectories of Community Formation: Mappila Muslims of Kerala, 1867 - 1956

Mohammed Swalih Errata Parambil

Everyday Ethics: Life of Two Key Texts in the Everyday Life of Islam Among Mappilas in Contemporary Kerala, South India


Jannis Julien Grimm (Alumnus BGSMCS)

Contesting Legitimacy: Protest and the Politics of Signification in Post-Revolutionary Egypt


Miriam Kurz

Mosque Space(s) in Berlin: Configurations of Gender in Social Practice and the Constitution of Islamic Spaces. An Ethnographic Study


Christian Kübler (2015 - 2017)

Jamāl al-Dīn al-Qāsimī (1866-1914): Life, Network and Legacy of a Damascene Salafī


Jonas Müller-Laackman (Alumnus BGSMCS)

Qaṣāʾid al-Muʿtaqilīn - An Arabic branch of concentration camp literature


Dunja Rašić (Alumna BGSMCS)

The Banisher of Madness - An Interpretation of Language as the Vessel of All Truths Sacred and Profane in the Teachings of Ibn al-Sarrāj of Baghdad


Mareike Transfeld

Working Title: The New Yemen(s): (Re-)Imagining National Identity, Geography and State on Facebook (2011-2016)