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Year 2014

Sara Abbas

Delivering salvation: The women of the Islamist Movement and the discourses and practices of Sudan’s Civilization(al) Project


Philip Bockholt (Alumnus BGSMCS)

Writing History in Safavid Times. Khvandamir's (d. 1535-6) General History Habib al-Siyar and its Reception in the Pre-Modern Period


Nadja Danilenko (Alumna BGSMCS)

Picturing the Islamicate World in the Tenth Century. The Story of al-Iṣṭaḫrī’s "Book of Routes and Realms”


Nicholas Gjorvad (Alumnus BGSMCS)

The 'Black Hole' of the Brotherhood: The Evolution of a Youth Group to a Political Party


Veronika Hager

“Thinking about the Ottoman Empire in the Early Republic of Turkey”


Zacky Khairul Umam

Master of Two Oceans: Mulla Ibrahim al-Kurani (d. 1690) and the Medinan School for Religious Reformism

Zacky Khairul Umam

Oriana Kochbeck (Alumna BGSMCS)

Between Isolation and Global Reception: The Figure of Muhammad Rashid Rida in the Context of the Islamic Reform Scene


Rahina Muazu (Alumna BGSMCS)

The Recited Qur’an and Vocal Nudity: Contestations over the Female Voice in the Nigerian Public Space


Masouda Stelzer

The Politics of Democracy Promotion in Egypt


Adela Taleb

Transcending national boundaries. The role of the EU and pan-European Muslim organisations in the discursive field of "European Islam".


Syaifudin Zuhri (Alumnus BGSMCS)

Shrines Making and Contesting the Sacred: Muslim Pilgrimage in Contemporary Bali-Indonesia.