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Besnik Sinani (Alumnus BGSMCS)


The Ba Alawi Sufi Order in Saudi-Arabia: State, Orthodoxy, and Deviance in Contemporary Islam

Vor seiner Dissertation hat Besnik Sinani in Saudiarabien gelebt und gearbeitet. Davor erlangte er einen Bachelorabschluss in "International Studies" und Geschichte von der City University of New York, und einen Masterabschluss in Nahoststudien von der New York University.


Moderner Islam, Sufismus, Salafismus


In my dissertation I focus in the study of Sufi discourses, practices and communities in Saudi Arabia. I explore texts, scholarly genealogies, practices and communities in the context of Saudi state religious policies that deemed Sufism deviant and alien to Islam. I am interested in the study of Sufism in Saudi Arabia through the prism of the relationship between establishment dogma, and state power; how state sponsored religious institutions are employed to censor practices, police communities, and prosecute scholars. I seek to explore how religiously marginalized communities like the Sufis negotiate their presence in the spaces where the state at times enforces, at times resists, and at times attenuates the application of Wahhabi dogma.

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