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Jahrgang 2014

Sara Abbas

Delivering salvation: The women of the Islamist Movement and the discourses and practices of Sudan’s Civilization(al) Project

Sara Abbas

Philip Bockholt (Alumnus BGSMCS)

Writing History in Safavid Times. Khvandamir's (d. 1535-6) General History Habib al-siyar and its Reception in the Premodern Period


Nadja Danilenko (Alumna BGSMCS)

Picturing the Islamicate World in the Tenth Century. The Story of al-Iṣṭaḫrī’s "Book of Routes and Realms"


Nicholas Gjorvad (Alumnus BGSMCS)

The 'Black Hole' of the Brotherhood: The Evolution of a Youth Group to a Political Party


Veronika Hager

“Thinking about the Ottoman Empire in the Early Republic of Turkey”


Zacky Khairul Umam

Master of Two Oceans: Mulla Ibrahim al-Kurani (d. 1690) and the Medinan School for Religious Reformism

Zacky Khairul Umam

Oriana Kochbeck (Alumna BGSMCS)

Between Isolation and Global Reception: The Figure of Muhammad Rashid Rida in the Context of the Islamic Reform Scene


Rahina Muazu (Alumna BGSMCS)

The Recited Qur’an and Vocal Nudity: Contestations over the Female Voice in the Nigerian Public Space

Rahina Muazu

Masouda Stelzer

Promoting Democracy in Times of Uprisings: the discourse of German political aid in Egypt

Masouda Stelzer

Adela Taleb

Transcending national boundaries. The role of the EU and pan-European Muslim organisations in the discursive field of "European Islam".

Adela Taleb

Syaifudin Zuhri (Alumnus BGSMCS)

Shrines Making and Contesting the Sacred: Muslim Pilgrimage in Contemporary Bali-Indonesia.

Syaifudin Zuhri