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Jahrgang 2012

Kamaluddin Ahmed (2012 - 2015)

Abu Ja'far Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Tahawi (239/853 - 321/933) and the Formation of the Hanafi School of Law in the 9th - 10th Centuries C.E.

Ersin Cagin (2012 - 2019)

“Islamic Activism” in Transition: The Dialogue Discourse and the Contested Identity of the Gülen Movement.


Sarah Holz (Alumna BGSMCS)

Organised Religion in Pakistan: Dynamics and Change in Religious Institutions of the State.


Murtala Ibrahim (Alumnus BGSMCS)

Sensation, Sight and Sound of Nigerian Religious Movements: A Comparative Study of Christ Embassy and Nasrul lahi- Fathi Society (NASFAT).

Nursem Keskin Aksay (Alumna BGSMCS)

Religion, Class, Gender: The Emergence of "Islamic Bourgeoisie" and Middle Class Muslim Women.


Max Kramer (Alumnus BGSMCS)

Memory, Loss and Resistance: Kashmir in the independent digital documentary film.


Kristina Mashimi

Beyond Classrooms: Ethics and Education at Gülen-inspired Schools in Urban Tanzania


Juliane Müller (Alumna BGSMCS)

Food and Drink in Arabo-Islamic Medicine. The Dietetics of Naǧīb ad-Dīn as-Samarqandī

Hanna Nieber (Alumna BGSMCS)

Drinking the Written Qur’an: Scripture and Healing in Zanzibar Town

Miriam Ovadia (Alumna BGSMCS)

Late-Ḥanbali Discursive Theology by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah: al-Ṣawāʽiq al-Mursalah


Claudia Seise (Alumna BGSMCS)

Religioscapes in Muslim Indonesia: Personalities, Institutions and Practices