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Prof. Dr. Vincent Houben

Prof. Dr. Vincent Houben

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Institute of African and Asian Studies

Currently not available for supervision of new PhD students

Field: History and Society of Southeast Asia

Areas of research: Representations of Changing Social Orders


First supervisor of completed PhD projects  

Unsere neuen Geschwister: Konversion zum Islam in Malaysia am Beispiel chinesischer Muslime in Penang (Frauke-Katrin Kandale)

The Dakwah Media in Post Suharto Indonesia: From Politics of Identity to Popular Culture (The Case of Ummi) (Arie Pamungkas)

Religioscapes in Muslim Indonesia: Personalities, Institutions and Practices (Claudia Seise)

Living with unregistered Islamic polygamous marriages: Cases from Greater Jakarta (Theresia Dyah Wirastri)

Inventing a Sacred Tradition. Wali Pitu and Muslim Pilgrimage in Bali, Indonesia (Syaifudin Zuhri)


First supervisor of current PhD projects:

Imagining the Ummah: Solidarity, Generosity and Cosmopolitan Muslim Identities in Indonesian Charity Concerts (Silvia Wolf)