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Mareike Transfeld: "Waiting for the State, Relying on the Family Yemen’s Youth in Peril"

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung



With the 2011 protests of the so-called Arab Spring, Yemeni youth gained international visibility on an unprecedented scale, as they expressed their hopes for a better future and a »new Yemen«. Today, just six years later, the international press tells another story, with youth in Yemen being coined the »lost generation«. The failure of a transitional deal mediated by the United Nations (UN), elite infighting, and regional meddling led to the escalation of violence and an international military campaign in March 2015.1 The current war has left over 18,000 people dead. With commercial trade, including that of food and medicine being restricted through a partial sea and air blockade by the Saudi-led military coalition, the Yemeni population is facing severe famine and diseases. The war has left state institutions fragmented – with the state having collapsed in many regions of the country – and militias seizing authority, if not already the case before the war.



Friedrich Ebert Stiftung


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