Jahrgang 2019

Dilshat Amrayev

Reaction of local Egyptian population to the rule of Turkish Mamluk Sultanate. A foreign military aristocracy or defenders of Islam?


Santram Antil

Wrestling, Identity and Body Politics: Muslim Wrestlers in North India

Santram Antil

Elif Conker (Stipendiatin der Gerda-Henkel-Stiftung)

The Transformation of the Ottoman Perception of the Wahhabi Movement: From Negotiation to Confrontation (1745-1818)


Zeynep Ertuğrul (Stipendiatin der Gerda-Henkel-Stiftung)

From Transnational Circulation of Ideas to Local Rituals. The Role of “People’s Preachers” in the Language Day Celebrations during the Single-Party Rule in Turkey


Peyman Eshaghi (Stipendiat der Gerda-Henkel-Stiftung)

Piety, Power and Trans-imperial Relations: History and Politics of Iranian Hajj (1796 - 1925)


Binyamin Lawal

Expansion of the Sacred into the Public Space: Spatial Contestation between Muslims and Christians in Plateau State


Tang Man

The Lifeworlds of Salar Muslims in Qinghai Considered in the Context of Chinas Belt and Road Infrastructural Project: An Existential-Anthropological Study


Udi Raz

Negotiating "Semites": Muslims and Jews redefine Otherness in Germany