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School Boundary Crossing in Sunni Islamic Law, Lecture

School Boundary Crossing in Sunni Islamic Law: The Practice of Talfīq and TatabbuÝ al-RukhaÒ in 17th and 18th-Century Egyptian Courts


Lecture by Dr. Ahmed Fekry Ibrahim


Wednesday, 9 May 2012, 6:15 pm

Institut für Islamwissenschaft

Altensteinstraße 40 (Room 214)


Dr. Ahmed Fekry Ibrahim studied at al-Azhar University and the American University in Cairo and holds a PhD in Islamic Studies from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. His research focuses on Islamic law, Islamic modernism and the Prophetic tradi-tion literature. He is currently a fellow of the project EUROPE IN THE MIDDLE EAST – THE MIDDLE EAST IN EUROPE and based at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies.


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