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The Middle East and South Asia in Conversation: Interventions, Control, and Resistance in the 21st Century




organisiert von Dr. Sanaa Alimia, Sadia Bajwa, Sarah Holz und Dr. Hanan Touka


"Interventions, Control, and Resistance in the Middle East and South Asia in the 21st Century" is a working series of lectures, book launches, and reading groups taking place in the 2015/16 academic year in Berlin.

The series aims to explore how contemporary external and internal military interventions and political, economic, and epistemological modes of control in the Middle East and South Asia are shaped by historic legacies of colonial rule and the postcolonial order, contemporary developments—particularly the impact of neoliberal peacebuilding—, and local political interests. Using an interdisciplinary approach, it asks what are the responses to these interventions by the state as well as non-state actors, such as ordinary citizens, including refugees, activists, opposition groups, and collaborating groups

The series is hosted by the Berlin Graduate School of Muslim Cultures and Societies (BGSMCS), Freie Universität Berlin and the Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften (IAAW), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Collaborating partners include the Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) and Dahlem Research School Co-Fund Fellowship, Freie Universität Berlin.

The lectures and book launch is open to the general public as well as students, researchers, and academics at the Freie Universität, Humboldt-Universität, ZMO, and other institutes in Berlin. The reading groups will be open to interested students, researchers, and academics from the IAAW, BGSMCS, and the ZMO.




  • Mittwoch, 29 Juni 2016:
    "Palestine Ltd: Neoliberal Peacebuilding and Statebuilding in the Occupied Palestinian Territory"

    Dr. Toufic Haddad, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, the Arab Council for Social Sciences, Occupied Palestinian Territory
    Auditorium, Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum, Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 1/3, 10117 Berlin