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Stefan Maneval: Niemand hat die Absicht, einen Aufsatz zu zensieren. Archäologie, Politik und Zensur im Zusammenhang mit der Ausstellung „Roads of Arabia. Archäologische Schätze aus Saudi-Arabien"




This essay deals with the connection between knowledge transfer and politics in archaeology, taking the exhibition “Roads of Arabia: Archaeological treasures from Saudi-Arabia” as an example. The exhibition was shown in the Museum for Islamic Art in Berlin in spring 2012. Based upon the censorship of an article for the exhibition catalogue through the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, I argue that the exhibition was used in various ways as a means to stabilize Saudi rule. The essay refers to recent public debates about the cooperation of German cultural institutions with authoritarian regimes and discusses the consequences that should be drawn for future cooperations. I conclude with the suggestion to initiate a dialogue on the ethical principles of international cultural and research collaboration in order to formulate conditions and boundaries of cooperation.



Forum Kritische Archäologie

Bibliographical Reference:

Stefan Maneval. 2014. Niemand hat die Absicht, einen Aufsatz zu zensieren. Forum Kritische Archäologie 3: 1-10.