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Nadja Danilenko

Postdoctoral research at BGSMCS (since 2018):

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Dissertation project (2014 - 2018):

Picturing the Islamicate World in the Tenth Century. The Story of al-Iṣṭaḫrī’s Book of Routes and Realms.

In her podcast "Tell me a history", Nadja Danilenko talks with scientists and experts all over Germany about the cultural history of the Islamic region, making it more accessible to people from outside of the field. The episodes deal with history, society, science, and much more, and pick up issues worth knowing but also narratives connected with many topics.

http://tellmeahistory.net/ (German)


"Getting the Picture: How al-Iṣṭakhrī’s Book of Routes and Realms Made It to the Nineteenth Century", during the international conference "Spatial Thought in Islamicate Societies, 1000–1600: The Politics of Genre, Image, and Text", 31 March 2017, Tübingen.