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Philip Geisler


(Gerda Henkel Doctoral Fellow)

Preserving Islamic Heritage in Europe and North America

Preserving Islamic Heritage in Europe and North America

This dissertation project examines recent approaches to the preservation of cultural artifacts through an analysis of the discourses and practices that mobilize different forms of Islamic heritage in Europe and North America. The thesis theorizes several case studies in a comparative perspective engaging Art and Architectural History, Museum and Critical Heritage Studies, as well as anthropological methods. It aims at revealing how contemporary discourses of power and knowledge shape the appropriation of the past through
constructing, presenting, orchestrating, and marginalizing specific aspects of cultural heritage.

Geisler, Philip. 2020. Cambodian Court Dance After Genocide: Embodied Heritage and the Limits of Critique. Essays of the Forum Transregionale Studien (6). https://perspectivia.net/rsc/viewer/pnet_derivate_00003937/6_Geisler_trafoEssay.pdf

Geisler, Philip. 2020. Challenging the Hagia Sophia: The Selimiye Mosque in Edirne as Ottoman Empire Branding. Pp. 91–151 in The Heritage of Edirne in Ottoman and Turkish Times: Continuities, Disruptions and Reconnections, edited by Birgit Krawietz, and Florian Riedler. Berlin: De Gruyter.