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33. Deutscher Orientalistentag

33. Deutscher Orientalistentag

33. Deutscher Orientalistentag
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Numerous of our current and previous doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and principal investigators will present their research during the 33rd German Oriental Studies Conference, which will take place from 18-22 September 2017 at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität in Jena. The Deutsche Orientalistentag (DOT) is the largest professional meeting of Oriental Studies in Germany and one of the most important scholarly Orientalist congresses in the world. The range of disciplines encompasses the Ancient and Modern Middle East, including North Africa, as well as all of Asia, with particular emphasis on Central, South and South East Asia.


  • Sarah Albrecht „Roundtable: Wissenschaft und Wutbürger: Wie lassen sich Islamdebatten versachlichen? (21. September, 16 Uhr)
  • Olly Akkerman: Bohra Manuscript Culture, Archive and Secrecy: a Social Codicological Ethnography 21. September, 11.00–11.30)
  • Zahir Bhalloo: “Constructi on and management of identi ty among the Lawati ya Shiʻa of Oman” (21. September, 12.30–13.00)
  • Philip Bockholt: „Wes Brot ich ess: Ḫvāndamīrs Geschichtswerk Ḥabīb al-siyar (verf. 930/1524) als Beitrag zur Schiiti sierung im frühen Safavidenreich“ (21. September, 12.00–12.30)
  • Dina El-Sharnouby: “Egyptian Youth between Despair and Hope: The Case of the Bread and Freedom Party” (19. September, 17.00–17.30)
  • Markus Fiebig: “Scripture hall language: The lifeblood of mosque education in China” (18. September, 14.00–14.30)
  • Ulrike Freitag: Leitung - Podiumsgespräch der Gesellschaft für Turkologie, Osmanistik und Türkeiforschung e. V. (GTOT) (21. September, 16.30)
  • Dimitri Gutas (Ehrengast): “Avicenna and After: The Development of Paraphilosophy. A History of Science Approach” (21. September 09.00-10.00)
  • Beatrice Gründler: “Two Kinds of Friends: Opinions of a Rat in Kalila wa-Dimna” (20. September, 10.00-10.30)
  • Laura Hindelang: “Kuwait City Fluctuating in Images: Investigating a City’s Urban History Through Visual Culture” (19. September, 14.00–14.30)
  • Konrad Hirschler: “Endowing Books in the Late Mamluk Period” (19. September, 11.30-12.00)
  • Zacky Khairul Umam: “The Books of Ibrāhīm al-Kūrānī (1616–1690) Contextualized” (19. September, 14.00–14.30)
  • Alina Kokoschka: “Real Materials and Materials’ Realities – Exploring Things in the Context of Islam” (19. September 16.00-16.30)
  • Alina Kokoschka: “False Fakes? – On the Islamizati on of Western Fashion Brands” (19. September, 9.00-9.30)
  • Max Kramer: „Erzählstruktur von Hindi-Geistergeschichten“ (22. September, 11.00–11.30)
  • Birgit Krawietz: “The Balkan Wars Memorial Cemetery in Edirne” (19. September, 15.00–15.30)
  • Stefan Maneval: “The Origins of Tower-houses in Jiddah: An Anthropological Approach to the History of Red Sea Architecture” (19. September, 12.30–13.00)
  • Ellinor Morack: “Memories of the Greek Occupati on of Izmir: Spaces of Fear” (19. September, 16.30–17.00)
  • Jonas Müller-Laackman: “Qaṣāʾid al-Muʿtaqilīn – An Arabic branch of concentrati on camp literature?” (19. September, 16.00–16.30)
  • Hanna Nieber: “Tactile Textuality: Ingesting the Qur’an in Zanzibar Town” (19. September, 16.30-17.00)
  • Roman Seidel: “Authenticity and Identitarian Thinking. Comparative reflections on some philosophical and ideological peculiarities of Heidegger’s thought and its reception in Germany and Iran” (22. September, 14.00–14.30)
  • Wendy Shaw: “Making Islam into Traditi on: the establishment of Islamic arts and the Creation of secular modernity in Turkey” (20. September, 9.30-10.00)
  • Shabo Talay: “Das Aramaic Online Project – Didaktische Methoden und Herausforderungen eines multilingualen Online-Sprachkurses“ (19. September, 11.30–12.00)
  • Mareike Transfeld: “A Facebook Anthropology of the Yemeni Nation State: Challenges and Methodological Questions” (22. September, 11.30–12.00)
  • Viktor Ullmann: “Buddy-Bears: Discursive Branding of Iranian Cinema at the Berlinale” (20. September, 10.00-10.30)
  • Torsten Wollina: “Ibn Tulun and the publication of multiple-text manuscripts” (19. September, 14.30–15.00)


Please find further information on the event website: www.dot2017.de