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Long Night of Science 2015

Junge Frau aus Jos, Nigeria, rezitiert den Koran

Junge Frau aus Jos, Nigeria, rezitiert den Koran

Zentrale Moschee nach dem Freitagsgebet, Jos, Nigeria

Zentrale Moschee nach dem Freitagsgebet, Jos, Nigeria

"Voices of Islam"

For several years the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies (BGSMCS) has been dedicated to exploring and presenting the diversity within Islam and it's respective societies. This has become even more important, to counter dominant narratives about Islam which often incorporate misrepresentations. In offering a glimpse of manifold voices about and within Islam, we hope to attain a level of communication at which both the active listener and the speaker engage.  Through the medium of voice we hope to bring the listener close to the art of Qur'an recitation and the skills of the recitor. The written word in a several languages adds an aesthetic and visual dimension in our children's workshop. Two short flims bring to us voices from within Islam that highlight it's diversity. Misconceptions about Islam are reframed in satire and an informative lecture is sure to widen our understanding of this diverse religion

This year's Long Night of Science will be held on 13 June 2015 from 5 pm until 12 am.


5pm – 6pm Spaß für Klein und Groß (Raum F):

Wir werden Deinen Namen in verschiedenen Schriften (Arabisch, Persisch, Russisch) schreiben, Lesezeichen basteln sowie ein interaktives Quiz rund um verschiedene Kulturen spielen.

6pm – 7pm: The Art of Reciting the Qur'an / Die Kunst der Koranrezitation (Raum F):

The melodic recitation of the Qur'an is to Muslims a separate art distinct from music. The Qur'an is recited not as entertainment but as an occasion for rumination and reflection. (English with translation / Übersetzung der Diskussion ins Deutsche) (Performance)

8pm – 9pm: „Das wird man wohl noch sagen dürfen!“ (Raum F):

Doktorandinnen der BGSMCS präsentieren eine „feine Auslese“ von unqualifizierten Online-Kommentaren zu Islam und Muslimen. Laut lachen oder Haare raufen?

9pm – 10pm: Bild, Karikatur und Toleranz: kritische Anmerkungen zur Islamdebatte (Raum B)

Vortrag Prof. Dr. G. Krämer, Direktorin der BGSMCS

9pm – 10pm: Film Screening on the Kashmiri Intifada (Raum F)

This film gives a visual-poetic rendition of a text attributed to the poet Samad Mir of Nambal Haar, Kashmir. In it you will find sequences of online archive material recorded by Kashmiris on their mobile phones (2008 to 2010) during the times of the Kashmiri Intifada. Concept and camera: Max Kramer, Sarbani Sharma, Sarah Ewald and Suvaid Yaseen, 2014. (in Englisch)

10pm – 11pm: World Café: Projects of the Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies (Raum F):

In this session we will present the graduate school and provide examples of three projects that we undertake here. We will discuss questions about Islam, geography, and history in small groups.

11pm - 12am: Being a Muslim „Waria in Indonesia (Raum B):

Film Screening and discussion about transsexuals in Java, Indonesia. The film was produced by Santiago Stelley, VICE, Australia in 2011. (English with translation / Übersetzung der Diskussion ins Deutsche)

Location: Ihnestraße 21, 14195 Berlin

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