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Dr. Zahir Bhalloo


From Pīr Shams to Āghā Khān: Sayyid Geneaologies and the Khojas of South Asia

Zahir Bhalloo is a post-doctoral research associate at the Centre for South Asian Studies (CEIAS) of the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris. He completed his doctoral thesis in 2013 at Oxford University on the legal system of nineteenth-century Qajar Iran.

Since then he works on three main areas of research: the sharia court documents in the contemporary period of Fars (south-west Iran), the formation of the Lawatiya/Khojah Shiʻi community of Oman and the Persian Gulf, and the confluence of Shiʻism and Sufism in the Sindhicate area of South Asia.

(with O. Rezai), “A sharīʻa court document from Neyrīz, Fārs (1303/1886)”, Studia Iranica, 46/1 (2017), forthcoming.

«Construction et gestion identitaire chez les Lawatiya du Sultanat d'Oman, de Multân à Masqaṭ», Journal Asiatique, 304/2 (2016), p.217-230.  

“Judging the judge: judicial competence in 19th century Iran”, Bulletin d’études orientales, lxiii/1 (2015), p.275-293.