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Alina Kokoschka

Freie Universität Berlin - Center for Area Studies & Berlin Graduate School of Muslim Cultures and Societies (since 2016):

Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Cluster-Development

PhD Research (2010 - 2016):

Commodity World Islam - Consumption Culture and Commodity Aesthetics in Contemporary Syria

  • Kokoschka, Alina: "The Thing with Islam - Material Culture beyond the Museum Display Case and the Cabinet of Curiosities" // "Das Ding mit dem Islam - Materielle Kultur jenseits von Museumsvitrine und Kuriositätenkabinett", in: Omar Kasmani and Stefan Maneval (ed.): Muslim Matter, forthcoming.
  • Kokoschka, Alina and Krawietz, Birgit. 2013. "Appropriation of Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya. Challenging Expectations of Ingenuity", in George Tamer and Birgit Krawietz (eds), Islamic Theology, Philosophy and Law. Debating Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya, Berlin: DeGruyter, pp. 1-36