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Dimitri Gutas: “The Reception of Aristotle in the Long Ninth Century in Early Abbasid Iraq”

26.04.2016 | 18:00
Kurzbiographie: Dimitri Gutas

Kurzbiographie: Dimitri Gutas

Erste Veranstaltung der dritten jährlichen Vortragsreihe der Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies

The Long Ninth Century in Arabic-Islamic Knowledge and Culture



Dimitri Gutas is professor of Arabic and Graeco-Arabic studies at Yale University. He has published on the medieval Graeco-Arabic translation movement and its lexicography, the transmission of Greek philosophical texts into Arabic, and the development, phases, and personalities of Arabic philosophy, notably on Avicenna. Most recently he has published,
with Leonardo Tarán (Columbia) the editio maior of the Greek text of Aristotle's Poetics, and the second and revised edition of his classic Avicenna and the Aristotelian Tradition.







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26.04.2016 | 18:00

Freie Universität Berlin
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