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Rape and the Reader. Classic Arabic Poetry Comes to Light

23.10.2018 | 18:00 - 20:00
Adam Talib

Adam Talib
Bildquelle: Adam Talib

Vortrag von Adam Talib

Chair: Beatrice Gründler

Adam Talib ist Assistant Professor an der School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Durham University).


Classical Arabic poetry is arguably the most significant poetic tradition in the history of humanity. Its history is nearly as long as Classical Chinese poetry but its geographical scope far exceeds it. Classical Arabic poetry is also used by historians who read poems to understand social attitudes and cultural norms in pre-modern Arab societies. Adam Talib will argue that as part of learning to decipher this poetic tradition, students and scholars are taught not to see rape, which is present implicitly and explicitly in a number of Classical Arabic poems. He will argue that coercion and violence are central to the logic of Arabic love poetry and that this has urgent implications for historians of Arabic literature and Arab societies.

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23.10.2018 | 18:00 - 20:00

Fabeckstraße 23-25
14195 Berlin

Raum: 2.2058