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Seminar: Global Perspectives on the Modern History of the Arab World

News vom 29.05.2015

Unsere PI Dr. Nora Lafi bietet dieses Semester einen arabischen Lektürekurs an.

"The object of this seminar is both to critically examine the ways in which the Arab World has been historically inserted into perspectives of global history and to study the global conception of history in Arabic literature. The seminar will thus focus both on global interpretations of the position of the Arab World in global history, from the beginning of the modern Era to the Ottoman Empire and from colonial times to present days, and on another dimension of this global thinking: the one coming from the Arabic tradition of history writing. The module is composed of 2 hours of seminar and one hour of exercise on the literature, mostly in Arabic."

Freitags 12:00-14:00 Uhr

Seminarraum 1.2058 (Fabeckstr. 23-25)

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