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Stellenausschreibung: Post-Doc Fellow im Cluster of Excellence "SCRIPTS"

News vom 13.03.2019

The Cluster of Excellence „Contestations of the Liberal Script” (SCRIPTS) analyzes the contemporary controversies about the liberal order from a historical, global, and comparative perspective. It connects the academic expertise in the social sciences and humanities as well as area studies in Berlin, collaborates with research institutions in all world regions, and maintains cooperative ties with major political, cultural and social institutions. The Cluster’s research programme is structured around four Research Units (RUs): Borders, Orders, (Re-)Allocation and Temporality. The RU Orders investigates contestations of the liberal script with regard to state and civil society structuresand discourses, rights, and political procedures. As postdoctoral research fellow of the RUOrders, you conduct your own research in these fields in an interdisciplinary context. By collaborating with SCRIPTS’ Theory Network, you will simultaneously have a central role for the RU Orders’ contribution to the Cluster’s theory development.

Job description:

  • Exploring innovative research perspectives in the context of the RU Orders that bridge the gap between prevailing epistemological and empirical approaches in the social sciences andarea studies
  • Theorizing Contestation of the Liberal Script based on the systematic and comprehensiveanalysis of the RU Orders’ Cluster results, and by collaborating with postdoctoral fellows of the other Research Units and of the Theory Network
  • Conducting own research in the context of the RU Orders
  • Synthesizing the RU Orders’ research results through publications, workshops andinternational conference presentations
  • Preparing, planning and co-directing the RU Orders’ regular meetings and workshops
  • Supporting the RU Directors in the coordination of the RU Orders’ research and thecollaboration with the Theory Network
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