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Dr. Gaétan du Roy

Gaétan du Roy completed his PhD in History at the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Belgium in 2014. His dissertation dealt with a community of garbage collectors living in Cairo, known as the zabbalin. Through a historical and ethnographic approach, he showed how the locality of Muqattam emerged as a result of overlapping social processes and imaginaries: local politics, the Coptic Church and international development actors.

In 2015, Gaétan was awarded a three year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at UCL financed by the FNRS, and between March and June 2018 he was an invited fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. His research has focused on the history of interreligious relations in Cairo. During his 5 month long field research, he collaborated with the Centre d’études et de documentation économique, juridique et sociale (CEDEJ) in Cairo.


Everyday Religious Boundaries: Copts and Muslims in Cairo

This research project deals with the history of interreligious relations in Cairo’s neighbourhood of Shubra, where Christians account for a significant portion of the population.Egyptian cinema and literature often represent Shubra as a popular urban quarter inhabited by a Cairene “middle class” made up of Christians and Muslims coexisting in peace. Through oral histories and ethnography, the project seeks to shed light on the role of popular culture representations in relations between the two religious communities in Shubra’s inhabitants everyday life.

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